DANCING NEW ECOLOGIES                                            


political potential of collectivity

‘transindividual formation of the self’

socially driven imagination

Performing the Self


Toward a Transindividual Self is investigating new ways to consider the political potential of collectivity through the lens of performance. 

The authors argue that a ‘transindividual formation of the self can bring about different courses of action and a more socially driven imagination’.


potential of assembly
assemblies in art and activism

radical imagination

pragmatic utopias

Looking at the potential of assemblies


Florian malzacher’s “Gesellschaftsspiele: The Art of Assembly” invites theorists, activists and artists to report and speculate on the potential of assembly:

How can assemblies in art and activism create spaces where radical imagination and pragmatic utopias emerge?


utopian training camp

pre-enact alternative scenarios

reclaim the production of the future

Reclaiming the means of production of our future


Jonas Staal’s Training for the Future project is a “utopian training camp where audiences are turned into trainees to pre-enact alternative scenarios and reclaim the means of production of the future.”

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